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Celebrities have been a subject matter of huge interest from us fans. Before the technological progress we now have made today, celebrities were mysterious people we couldn’t know excessive about but whom we loved and revered. We would only see them in their public appearances or when they addressed us in public areas. However technology has got easier to reach follow their everyday moves. Bloggers get to post pictures of these with their fellow readers and get the scoop of the latest antics. Added to that, websites like twitter and Facebook have allowed celebrities have a more personal voice as they are able already have conversations with a few with their fans, something which wasn’t really done before. However with video chat, celebrities will now be capable of have an overabundance personal conversations and connections with their fans and arrive at make their fanbase considerably more active. With video chat flourishing currently, I think it is time celebrities start employing it more. The environment is a favorite topic for our Hollywood celebs. They like to espouse the global warming theme popularized by Al Gore, another of the political heroes. The BP oil spill will go down within the record books since the biggest environmental disaster in your history. Approximately 100,000 barrels of oil are already spewing in the gulf every single day. That’s the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill every 2.4 to a few.5 days, according to Steven Wereley of Purdue University. Patrick Szabo says the oil is “destroying the Gulf of Mexico and it is beautiful ecosystem.” Tons of species will be suffering from this disaster. Some may soon have danger of extinction. North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, famous for the sushi our Hollywood friends are keen on, may maintain danger since their spawning inside Gulf of Mexico occurs from mid-April to mid-June. “Five from the world’s seven sea turtle species live, migrate, and breed in the Gulf region,” says Julia Kumari Drapkin, writing for Global Post. Sharks, marine mammals (whales, porpoises, dolphins), brown pelicans, oysters, shrimp, blue crab, marsh dwelling fish, beach nesting and migratory shorebirds, and migratory songbirds are common in jeopardy. Where are the pictures of our own Hollywood celebrities cleaning off the oil-coated brown pelicans dying around the beaches?

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The most beautiful woman on the globe, to be an unexpected hottie, goes to Jenna Fischer. I started watching The Office if it first became available in 2005 and I noticed the cute receptionist behind the desk. I loved the way in which she flirted with Jim and handled Michael. I was actually rooting for Jim now he finally has been her, with a child and also the whole nine yards. But then, I saw her about the cover of Shape in November 2009. It seriously was some of those Wow moments. Who in the world is the fact that? The hottest little hottie to grace the cover of Shape, and I had no idea the cool, cute receptionist from The Office was that gorgeous. Jenna Fischer takes by way of a landslide the most wonderful woman on the planet for being an urgent hottie.

And what about the celeb gossip sites. I personally feel that some celebs experience the and endless stream of attention. Knowing that the endless comments is only able to heighten their notoriety, what better way can a celeb boost their bank-account. If some reports should be believed then your celebs are to blame for the invasion on their own personal lives. Making deals worth mega money over exclusive rights because of their pictures.

Oprah Winfrey’s chart reveals her great entrepreneurial success through a 1/8 numeric pattern which, such as the numerology chart of Bill Gates, can also be present for her entire life from cradle to grave. Winfrey boasts the master communicator number three-6 dominant in their chart and also the master lover/artisan number, 66-3. Her unique and iconic persona is revealed through her Crown Pinnacle of a 55-1 which is generated from the number three — the numeric cipher governing all things media, communication, and self-image.

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